Friday, March 31, 2006

Just one big picture!
My Stash.
It's a small stash, of yarn.
And needles.
And books.
and a Kick Spindle.
and of course - my dog Jessi.
'cause she's just there when I knit.

To get a better view of the pictures?
Just click HERE!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Project Spectrum.
March .... REd and PinK!

I think I've covered it.... I either
knit it .... or took a picture of it ...
or drew it (See the fluffy Sheep?) ...
um. Or got it as a SP7 Gift!!

The last week of March.
And we're expecting SNOW.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I knit a Prayer Shawl for my Niece. I mailed it yesterday. I hope it arrives safely ... it was all I could think to do for her. I also hope it brings her a bit of the Comfort I prayed for while I knit.

I finished the facecloth. It's a bit HUGE! It's too thick to be a dainty doily. So, it's a BATHROOM doily! Notice it matches my other PINK bathroom stuff .... think PROJECT SPECTRUM!!!

And these? I did NOT knit. They are 'Glory Rings'! I worked on them for about 3 hours last night. They are strips of various non-raveling fabric tied onto to 10 inch wood hoops. Then the hoops are wrapped in ribbon. I have three more that need ribbon wrapped. Oh.
"What are they for?" you ask. Dancing! Why dancing for the LORD actually! For bringing Him GLORY .... In His Company Dance Academy will be using them in their dance this Sunday!

That's all ....
for now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Photo Blog Ahead .....
This is MY Kitty. Biscuit.
You can't tell ... but, he is biscuit colored and white!
He is the BEST kitty EVER.

These are the Size 12 Wool Socks I knit for Mister. He takes his shoes off so he can show people the AMAZING heel I knit. I think he's funny. It's just a slip stitch heel. Nothing fancy. But, hey? What he doesn't know? Impresses. :-)


Is RED or PINK for the month of MARCH .... Here's my PINK ...

And my Dear ISABELLE!!!! This pattern's done in honor of YOU! Thanks for encouraging me!!! It's my first successful knitting something ROUND!!! Someday? I may knit this - or a similar pattern on tiny needles with #10 Cotton. :-)

I couldn't BE more pleased with myself!
It's not a really difficult pattern. But, being I've never managed
ANY thing quite like it? I'm TOTALLY excited! I'll post again
when it's COMPLETE!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Because I miss being in the Olympics ....

And because I didn't have any red or pink ....
Here's Em in her new skirt ...

And here's a handbag I knit for Molly ....

And if you go here ....

----> Flickr <------ ....

You can see the big version!!! :o)

That's all ...



Thursday, March 09, 2006

I just need to say this.
And here is where I chose.

I am not a grand knitter.
I've been knitting near all my life.
I still can't follow a pattern.
I feel overwhelmed.
Rebellious even.

I can knit socks.
But, I don't knit fancy socks.
I knit plain cuff.
Slip stitch heel.
Knit to the toe and then kitchner.

Here's my personal theory ....
If you use great yarn?
You don't have to knit complicated patterns!

Why don't I knit sweaters?
Because I am a large woman.
I live in the South.
When I wear a sweater?
I feel like a bear.
An overheated bear.

I love the simplicity of just knitting.
Garter stitch.
Just garter is simple and lovely and
For a change? I knit stockinette.

Just knit. Knit and swing and smile and
love the feel of the wool. Of the needles.
Of the accomplishment of just ...

just knitting.

that's all.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I finished Molly's skirt! I took some really cute pictures ... and all but this one is m.i.a. ....
but, Hey? This one's really SWEET!

Cute and awesome?

Friday, March 03, 2006

I am so disappointed.
The sew-along was closed. :o(
I'm still gonna make the skirts -
but, some of the fun is gone.

But, hey! Sewing for my girls?
THAT is always a pleasure!

And let me tell you.
Have you ever heard the expression "Thread Bare"?
Well, my favorite skirt is that.
It has holes in it where the fabric 'folds' at the elastic

I bought the fabric for this skirt at a yard sale for $1.00.
It was 4 yards of linen. The first year I wore it, it was stiff.
After the 2nd and 3rd year it started to flow.
By year 4?
It was SOFT. All the scratch linen-y feel was gone.
By year 5? I thought I would die it a darker brown.
Year 6 it faded.
Year 7? The holes started coming.

I am having a TERRRIBLE time giving it up. But, I will.
Eventually I WILL get my new skirt made. After Molly's.
I know.

I'm tired. Stressed. Disappointed.

But, I'm knitting a baby boy sweater! That makes me
feel useful! :o)

The girls have gone to a coffee/concert with their Dad.
He didn't even hesitate. Their friends and their sister all let 'em down. He just stepped right up and took 'em! He's good
like that. And I'm grateful.

yea. that.

the end.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


All of this ....

Will be sewn .....

Into this!!!

For Molly .... :o)

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