Monday, February 27, 2006

So. I finished. I really really finished! That means ... I WIN.
Emily looks way cuter in this than me.
But, MANoMAN is it WARM.
It DOES fit me ... it's just not near as cute!

But, then? I don't have long curly hair.
Nor do I have such fabulous flannel jammies!
But, hey? I can SO KNIT bobbles!!! Woo Hoo!
The End. NOW what do I do with my life!
Happy MONDAY My People.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bobble in the Morning.
Bobble in the Evening.
Bobble at Supper time!!!


Bobble on the backporch ....

Bobblicious NEARLY done!!!
I'm so excited!
As it turns out?
I LOVE bobbling! So, as I am about to begin
the end of my Bobblicious Experience?
I've decided to design a cute little Baby Sweater!
With guess what on it?
BOBBLES!!!! Baby BOBBLES! The only thing
that could possibly be better than a Bobblicious Bobble?
Would BE a Baby Bobble!

I so crack me up!

This Baby Bobbled Sweater?
Will be a gift to the Samaritan's Purse Sweater Project!
So I'm trying to knit it as an additional Olympic Challenge.

I will try to finish Both by Sunday!

Rah.Rah. Shish.Boom Bah.

Monday, February 20, 2006

"Valiant effort to the very END!!!
That's really what it's all about!!! " b.Parkes 2/20/2006

*LOL* ... I'm delerious! Quoting myself - on YarnHarlot's blog!

I know you'll think I'm making this up!
But, yesterday?
During the Datona 500?
I KNOW I heard someone say "He just bobbled there .... "

The WHOLE WORLD Bobbles with YOU!!!

Back to the needles! :o)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Head acheing.
Knitting diligently.
On time.
Church going.
Potatoe frying.
Sweater felting.
Kitchen cleaning.
Bed going.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Houston .... we have a counter!
Check the sidebar ---->

I had just updated my percentage bar
Check the sidebar ---->
to 35% complete.

THEN I find out that a counter has been created
over at Anny's!!! And when I set it up? We are ....
guess how close ... to finishing the Olympics? 32%!!!

Then I thought .... no, there was NOT an Earthquake on
the East Coast Palie! :o) That was ME thinking .....
maybe I should count how many more skeins of
I have!



THREE! And the little bit I'm knittin' with.

Wanna see?


I have a confession to make.
I KNEW I was off. I KNEW my bobbles were
not matching exactly. I KNEW I probably should
hunt it down - like the dog it was - but, I didn't.
There's a boo boo in my bobbles.

And I'm ok with it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Something I noticed.
While watching the Olympics.

There certainly is a lot of bobbling going on!
Not just in my knitting, mind you.

The first night I noticed -
someone bobbled on a luge!
then - someone bobbled on the men's downhill.
And then last night?
one of the girl snowboarders bobbled!

I'm thinkin' I picked the perfect knitting
to do while watching the Olympics!
I feel so ...

so ...
so ...



Monday, February 13, 2006

Yes, Friends.
We have bobbles!
Five COMPLETE rows of bobbles.

I think I told you?
I had gotten to row 4 of the bobbles.
And realized I had not knit enough rows
inbetween the bobbles.

I ripped out the entire thing ...
except the first row of bobbles.

Sundays I do not knit.
It's just what I do.
Not until AFTER sunset.

So, while watching Home Makeover -
and then 2 hours of Olympics?
I have FIVE - five rows of Bobbles!
Five rows with the accurate rows in between!

Best part of Olympic knitting?
Knitting with my Girls!

Sara is making MARVELOUS headway on Her
first Sweater!

Molly is making a FUN, Colorful Baby Blanket
and matching booties and maybe a bonnet for
her hopechest!

And Emily is knitting her own design of a really
cute pillow .... you can see her grafted design over

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guess who got a
Lacy SCARF in the

Yep. That's me.
Going out on the town
this wintry afternoon.
Wearing my lovely,
Handknit scarf from
Friend and Secret Pal!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

See all those bobbles below?
Well, I finally got good at bobbles.
Bobble, bobble, bobble!
Toil and Trouble.

Yes, my Friends.
The Bobblicious can be knit wrong in
other ways! :o(

At the end of my FOURTH row of five Bobbles?
I realized. I had NOT knit (or purled) enough rows
in BETWEEN the bobble rows.

So after 6 or 8 or 10 hours of knitting?
I've just re-wound the entire thing.
Well, except for the FIRST row of Bobbles!

Talk about frogging?
Yep. That's me.
Rippitt. Rippitt. Rippitt.

Maybe I'll be able to catch up before
the Pairs Skating is done ....

Let me leave with this though.

1. I LOVE this shrug!
2. I LOVE the yarn! (Finally!)
3. I LOVE the homemade needles Molly and I designed!
4. I will be SO HAPPY when I have the five rows of
bobbles PROPERLY completed - again!

Thank you.
Me. Knitting Olympically!

Bobble, Bobble, who's got the Bobble?
Well, I say. -I- do!!!

For more fun of the evening and such ....
go to Sara's Place!

And for more news!
You can also check out The Oregonian
who has the Olympic Knitting news!!!

Wowsers! We made NPR!!!

And from one of my FAV - LYS ....
yarns,etc. (Not Olympic but interesting FUN reading!

so it's NOT snowing.
*whispers* idiots. :o(

And I'm NOT reading.
Well, I'm reading - just not my daily reading!
And the coffee I heated?
Don't even remember where I sat it down. Just know
I didn't drink any of it.

*Leaving now. *

Friday, February 10, 2006


Hollywood Knits Style by Suss Cousins

want this.
Saw it. Did not like it.

Just sayin' :o)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm not Bobble Illiterate.
I am following the pattern as written.
I'm using the right needles.
And after a third buying of the yarn?
I'm using the same yarn. Just a dif color. Denim.

My bobble itself has no holes. But, it just sort of 'hangs'
there ... like a skin tag. Ewwww. A gargantuan tag. Bleh.

So maybe it supposed to look this way?
I'm too embarassed to go to the Bobble Queen -
yet again - and express my ...
foilble - my fumble - my ugly attempt at making
her lovely Bobblicious Shrug.

Oh. Dear. What shall. I. Do.

My Bobbles are ugly.
Am I doomed?
Will I be disqualified from the team for
changing the Bobble pattern?
Will I offend the lovely Bobblicious' Creator?

As they say on Smallville - Tonight at 8:00?

Somebody SAAAAAAVVVVVEEEEE Meeeeeee!!!!

Really. I can handle this.
Pass me the O.C.D. meds .... please.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've just been assigned the awesome 'task' of being Team Captain for The Olympic Bobblicious knitting team!!! WHAT an honor!!! Thank you, Estee!

She wrote a wonderfully illustrated blog about bobbling - which I SO needed!
I've not retried bobble knitting yet .... but, will in JUST a minute!

I wanted you to see my iPod's! hehehe! Ok ... it's NOT an iPod!
It's an iPod holder! :o)

This is one I knit from Opal! I LOVE that yarn. See the sockees below? They're the same yarn! So I can having a cool socks that match when I 'wear' my iPod! hehehe!

This one's for Easter! :o) Each iPod holder has a pocket on the back to hold the ear buds! The bottom is open to accomodate the plug-ins you may use AND has a handy handle! :o)

I'm also knitting flowers that you can attach or not! I'll post pics of those later-tater!

Meanwhile! I'm in training and MUST go try to knit the perfect bobble!!!

Happy Tuesday!

the Bea

Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh. Yeah, I remember.
My Bobbilicious Shrug/Olympic Challenge.
Are there supposed to be holes on either side
of your bobble?
Somebody help. What if I can't get this right
before opening ceremonies on Friday!

Moses Update:
Went to the Vet.
First time with this vet.
Long story short?
Moses has an abscess.
No stuff, Sherlock.
I found a puncture wound.
I asked said vet ... "So, what sort of animal,
(she saying he must have gotten BIT by an animal)
leaves only one small hole?
"Oh, the other must have healed."
Excuse me?

Then. We need to test him for kitty aids.
"Why?" I ask?
Because he's not healing.
Excuse me? Didn't you just say he
miraculously healed from a wound (in 72 hours no less) ?

No. I do not want to sedate my cat and have you test him
for aids/cancer and drain an abscess. I would however appreciate
a shot of antibiotics and some oral meds to take home.

Moses is improving by the minute.
No weird tests.
No extra vaccines.
No sedation.
No cutting/shaving and a 300.00 dollar bill.

No. I'm not a vet.
I'm a knitter.
And like most knitters?
I know how to THINK. :o)

Oh. Knitting.
I told Molly (my 16 yo baby girl) "I'm going to
knit an iPod!" She was very excited until I got a grip
and clarified .... I'm going to knit an iPod HOLDER! :o)
And I did!!
It's FABULOUS!!! I'll post pics. I'm going to sell it on

I'm also going to knit an Easter Egg colored iPod.
IPod holder!

BTW... my friends at my Pampered Chef Brunch got
a big kick out of it when Carol declared - "Well, Molly is
so impressed with her Mom? She had no doubt that she
could knit an iPod! hehehe!

This is long. And I really just wanted you to notice the
cute blog ring I joined -----> Fluffy Knitters! hehehe

Going now.
Oh waite!
I just came in from outside and guess what I'm going
to do now? Watch a movie .... "Lorenzo's Oil" it's been
playing on HBO - and I keep catching it from the middle!
I put it in my Netflix so I could see the whole thing!


I'm going to KNIT Something!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

UPDATE .....

This .... Bobblicious Shrug ....

will now be knit from THIS ....

Windsor - by Lion Brand. In the Homespun Family. Because ....
Because ....
I just changed my mind ....
that's all. :-)
Please. Don't hate me for knitting acrylic. I just wanted a wrap to wear with my jeans. And this seemed more suitable than a Lovely Fern Green Alpaca.
that's all. :-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh man. Here it comes.

Ok. So for some reason? I thought ... wait. I remember.
I was going to make a cutesy-altered-valentine for my Secret Pal. .... and I thought ...
"Hmm? Maybe I should do an ATC - Artist Trading Card - being that I am, so-like an artist?"

Maybe I am and maybe I'm not.
THIS I know. I have some real issues with OCD.

I obsessed.
I compulsed.
I certainly disordered!

I have half a dozen or so of these cute little cards. And just for the fun of it? I decided I NEEDED to finish knitting my socks ... but wait. Before I do that? I need to take a picture ...
So here ... here's the pic ....

Ok. So at 11:00 p.m. last night - I'm thinkin' I really need to go to bed. So after finishing the toe - even kitchner-ing it and then making THREE more ATC's? At 2:00 a.m. ... Yes. Friends. I'm so MANIC - that I'm STILL trying to stop making these things!

I slept for all of 4 hours. Managed to NOT o.c.d. until AFTER I had my morning bath!!!
I missed my quiet time. I missed Carol Duvall.
I've still got one sock to finish. And my hair is in a towel.

I've had breakfast.
Washed my bed linens.
And taken care of the dogs.

OH. Wait. Poor Moses.
The Elder-Cat ----- something is wrong.
He's in some kind of pain. He can still jump up to the food dish.
Which is good. But, when you try to move him?
He growls, hisses and will even bite. Poor Kitty.
If you pray for animals? Would you pray for Moses?

Ok. I'm calming down now. I still have my reading to do.
Oh. BTW - I finished my first book of the year.
FINISHED reading .... Night - by Elie Weisel - I read it last year, too.
I forgot to list it in my Books I Read in 2005.

Ok. So apparently I'm not all that calm.
Maybe it's the lack of conversation .... with creative people?
I don't know.

Hello? Is anybody OUT THERE?????
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