Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Project Spectrum ...

for May - the Color Green.

First we have a Chartruese Baby Hat.

Knit in my own pattern.
50 stitches on size 7, Bamboo Double Points.
Sugar and Cream Cotton.
Reverse stockinette knit in Chartruese.
Stockinette rows are in Yellow.

All decreases are knit in the stockinette rows.
Clever huh?

And next?

It's my new Pocket Purse Pattern.

13, 15, or 17 stitches.
Size 15 Bamboos.
Wool - locally grown.
Mohair? Yes - 2 strands at a time.

The handle is 5 stitch i-cord.
The button?

Um. Well, it's just a button I
know how to make. Made with
a sewing needle and the 3 strands of yarn.

The purses I am making for sell at the
Farmers Market? Well, they have
Homespun and Eyelash and no buttons!
TOO CUTE for the 7-12 year old little girls!

I'm thinking in Green.
But, that's all I have gotten knit this month
in GREEN. I've done other knitting.
MUCH sewing. But - as much as I LOVE
the color GREEN? I've only so much material
to work with. I'm still trying to use what I have!

Hmmm .... I wonder what next month's colors will be?????


Blogger Mimi said...

Very cute hat. Love the color and the purse is adorable. mimi

8:25 PM  

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