Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh. Yeah, I remember.
My Bobbilicious Shrug/Olympic Challenge.
Are there supposed to be holes on either side
of your bobble?
Somebody help. What if I can't get this right
before opening ceremonies on Friday!

Moses Update:
Went to the Vet.
First time with this vet.
Long story short?
Moses has an abscess.
No stuff, Sherlock.
I found a puncture wound.
I asked said vet ... "So, what sort of animal,
(she saying he must have gotten BIT by an animal)
leaves only one small hole?
"Oh, the other must have healed."
Excuse me?

Then. We need to test him for kitty aids.
"Why?" I ask?
Because he's not healing.
Excuse me? Didn't you just say he
miraculously healed from a wound (in 72 hours no less) ?

No. I do not want to sedate my cat and have you test him
for aids/cancer and drain an abscess. I would however appreciate
a shot of antibiotics and some oral meds to take home.

Moses is improving by the minute.
No weird tests.
No extra vaccines.
No sedation.
No cutting/shaving and a 300.00 dollar bill.

No. I'm not a vet.
I'm a knitter.
And like most knitters?
I know how to THINK. :o)

Oh. Knitting.
I told Molly (my 16 yo baby girl) "I'm going to
knit an iPod!" She was very excited until I got a grip
and clarified .... I'm going to knit an iPod HOLDER! :o)
And I did!!
It's FABULOUS!!! I'll post pics. I'm going to sell it on

I'm also going to knit an Easter Egg colored iPod.
IPod holder!

BTW... my friends at my Pampered Chef Brunch got
a big kick out of it when Carol declared - "Well, Molly is
so impressed with her Mom? She had no doubt that she
could knit an iPod! hehehe!

This is long. And I really just wanted you to notice the
cute blog ring I joined -----> Fluffy Knitters! hehehe

Going now.
Oh waite!
I just came in from outside and guess what I'm going
to do now? Watch a movie .... "Lorenzo's Oil" it's been
playing on HBO - and I keep catching it from the middle!
I put it in my Netflix so I could see the whole thing!


I'm going to KNIT Something!

Happy Monday!


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