Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've just been assigned the awesome 'task' of being Team Captain for The Olympic Bobblicious knitting team!!! WHAT an honor!!! Thank you, Estee!

She wrote a wonderfully illustrated blog about bobbling - which I SO needed!
I've not retried bobble knitting yet .... but, will in JUST a minute!

I wanted you to see my iPod's! hehehe! Ok ... it's NOT an iPod!
It's an iPod holder! :o)

This is one I knit from Opal! I LOVE that yarn. See the sockees below? They're the same yarn! So I can having a cool socks that match when I 'wear' my iPod! hehehe!

This one's for Easter! :o) Each iPod holder has a pocket on the back to hold the ear buds! The bottom is open to accomodate the plug-ins you may use AND has a handy handle! :o)

I'm also knitting flowers that you can attach or not! I'll post pics of those later-tater!

Meanwhile! I'm in training and MUST go try to knit the perfect bobble!!!

Happy Tuesday!

the Bea


Blogger Anita said...

Hello my bobble-challenged friend! Just wanted to let you know I found a few additional sites that have bobble-tutorials. I haven't tried them yet, but, at least it will give us some options. One site is: http://telastudio.com/tutorial.html
and another is http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=55462.0
and finally - a VIDEO can be found here:
I'll let you know which one works best for me!
Good luck! (Three days and counting!)

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Secret Pal... ??? said...

Your iPod holders are really cute!

Bobbles... Bobbles... Bobbles...
You are going to be the Bobbles Master! LOL


Your Secret Pal...???

11:09 PM  

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