Monday, March 31, 2003

And the weird brown socks continue!
Will they EVER end!
Somebody S-A-A-V-V-E me!!!

Ok ... I'll get over it.
When I finish the dern things.
But, doggoneit!
I knit the cuffs 9 inches long!
That's 2 inches longer (I think)
than I should have!
And NOW I must knit the feet.

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh!
When I finish these I want to
start making wool socks to SELL!!!

I have a source of INCREDIBLE
home-grown, dyed and spun yarn!!!

I CANNOT wait!!!!
Can you?


Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'm a knittin' a new pair of socks!
I had wound this big ball of sock yarn into
two smaller balls. They are ENTIRELY different!
But, the socks are matching in their stripes?
Here's a picture of the one ... nearing the end
of the cuff. YAY ... then I can knit the rest of the
feet on the two!!! Ye Ha!

And a lesson I learned this week?
I originally blogged it over at
My alternate bloggin' space!

Here goes! ..........


Today is so much better!!!
Yesterday? I was idle.
And in Proverbs 31 it says 'she does NOT
eat the bread of idleness.'

What does idleness produce?
Guilt. Tired bones.
Tired mind. Tired spirit.

What would the opposite of idleness be?
Surprisingly? Not activity.

What's the difference between idleness and rest?
The state of mind and heart you're in.

What does REST produce?

So guess what I did this morning?
No, I haven't just been sitting in a chair,
staring at the computer, or the tv ...
Eating bagels and chips!

I have been very busy. But, the difference?
I spent the morning with Father!
I meditated on WHO He is!
I thought about ALL He has done for me.
I cried out to Him in mourning.
I smiled when He sent the Mockingbird to
sing down my chimney.

I also cleaned the kitchen.
Straightened my desk.
Read His word.
Wrote in my journal.
Walked a mile and drank a cup of coffee
while I sat on my backporch swing.

To some?
I may have appeared to be idle.
But in reality I was resting.
And for this moment in time ....
I am at Peace.

Thank you Father. You are all things.
Hope, Love and Laughter.
The forsythia blooming,
the mockingbird singing,
the Sweet Peace that invades my heart!

And I worship you.


Monday, March 17, 2003

Not much knitting going on here! :o(
My Aunt Mary passed away on the second anniversary
of the passing of my Beloved Aunt Millie!
So, I've written a poem in honor of their passing.


I will think of you.
When the daffodils bloom and
the mockingbird sings sweetly
on the ledge of the chimney's height.

And I will pray thanksgivings.
For memories and hopes of days to come.
Rejoice in the goodness of New Life,
through Him who created all things.

And lie contented in the Spring
breezes of tomorrows song.
Knowing I am loved.
I will remember you.

B. Parkes 2003
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