Thursday, May 01, 2003

So have I mentioned that I have
been selling my wares at the local Farmer's Market?

Yes. Beaded jewelry. Earrings - bracelets - and necklace sets! Handknit dishcloths, handknit pincushions and mohair scarves! Memory Books and handstitched notebooks!

We also sell coffee for 50cents a cup.
And have even sold a chocolate bunny or two!

I also have soap!
It's melt and pour ... but my GENEROUS
idea was to buy HAND shaped molds!
So LOTS of people stop by
to purchase "HAND" SOAP in
Lavender, Pearberry, and Gardenia!

I have also been selling on EBAY!!! Woo Hoo!
I have discovered that a 'buy it now' price REALLY
is worth the extra 5 cents you have to pay to list!
I've sold books, and VIDEOS! Jewelry and fabric!

I'm not gettin' rich.
But, I was able to pay a DOUBLE
payment on one of our debts this month!

I'm really wantin' my Mister to be able to work less hours.
I want to be a GOOD steward of God's provisions!
And I want to GET OUT OF DEBT!!!

God is so good to me!
I get to do things I love, like knit and sew and meet wonderful country people and make NEW friends!
AND make extra dollars at the same time!

Life really is good!
I am blessed!
And I hope you are, too -
today and in the coming week!

"Bizzy Bea"