Sunday, January 19, 2003

What a GREAT day!
First Sara a.k.a. MonkeyOnMyLips
helps me make my blog look TOTALLY cool ...
Then my BEST friend in the WORLD
leaves her nice comfy home,
packs up baby, sons and hubby -
*Waving Hi* to the guys ....
then drives TWO hours
to visit me
and my family!!!

There's just something about an 'old' friendship.
After years and years of knowing each other ...
going through the fires together ....
raising your babies together ...
growing and encouraging each other in
your daily walk with the Living God?

Well, it makes you FAMILY.
And January 18, 2003?
I got to spend the day with FAMILY!
Thanks, dear Sister and Friend.
My world looks brighter today -
'cause I got to spend yesterday with you!


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