Monday, January 20, 2003

Hmph. So.
Just because you 'can' do something ....
doesn't necessarily mean you should.

I can knit two socks at the same time ...
on two circular needles.
But - I just don't like it.
It's not that it's difficult or new -
it's just ...
I don't know?
I just don't like it.

So ... I think I'm going to knit me some
Just plain ole red socks.
On size two double points - 'cause they're my favorite!

I don't know the 'brand' of yarn.
Um? I hate labels. So when I get my yarn?
The first thing I do is throw away the ugly labels!
Don't fuss ...
I know I got washable wool - I just don't remember from whom!

Ok ... nuff bloggin' -
must go knittin'

The Bea - waiting on the next Snow/Ice storm to hit the state!


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